I like to come up with ideas a little out of the reach of the normal, and possibly a little out of my own reach as well. All in good fun of course. From time to time I figure I'll dredge up a few of the fruitier ones and put them up here for possible amusement.

A new metric system True Decimal

A new clock and calendar to go with TD, Denarius Verus

A curiosity to do with printing floating point numbers called BX

Software download for the above: td-dv-bx.tar.gz

A seasonal calendar for Montreal in DV (work in progress).

My idea for a new liberal political economy: the National inheritance or classless liberalism

What was greek fire? Here's a peculiar hypothesis called NOX-pine, or the medieval Manhattan project

A strange question with a strange answer: how do you demonstrate the most ancient roots of modern science? The artificial history of science.


Next up to bat: finishing my baseball statistics package called arctEX.